Alacaluf Viaggi takes up the ten-year experience of Tyndaris Tour enriched with “a different way of traveling”, understood as the discovery of the world and the rediscovery of oneself.

The desire to discover the unknown and relate to new cultures, to better understand them, has taken us around the globe over the years. And it is from visions of wonderful sunsets and endless expanses of sand that the need arises in us to share all this with you.

For us it is a bit like setting out on a new journey. In your suitcase? Our passion and our skills at the service of our customers!

The starting point for this new experience can only be our beloved island: Sicily, a beautiful land to be explored. Often, when we choose the destination of our next trip, we tend to exclude places that are so close because we are convinced that we already know them. Instead, it is right around us that wonderful places are hidden, to be discovered and understood, custodians of culture and centuries-old traditions that have made this land a truly special place.

From here, one step is enough to broaden your horizons and immerse yourself in another reality, savor a culture different from ours and discover all the wonders the world has to offer. Our idea is to propose a way to travel conscious, which is not limited only to the simple visit of a monument, but which makes you get in touch with the traditions of the place, involving and dragging you!

Are you ready to leave with us?