If you are one of us in the Tour Tunisia 2018, this guide will be very useful. Here are some tips to prepare the perfect suitcase for this trip:


E’ importante essere ben equipaggiati per proteggersi dal sole cocente del Sahara. Un cappellino e un paio di occhiali da sole (meglio se avvolgenti) ti saranno molto utili per ripararti sia dai raggi solari che dal vento.
Come abbiamo detto, il sole picchia forte nel Sahara! Prevenire è meglio che curare, quindi non dimenticare di portare con te una crema solare ad alta protezione e di applicarla tutte le mattine prima di partire (meglio se ad assorbimento rapido per evitare l’effetto maschera di sabbia dopo una folata di vento!) E se questo non dovesse essere sufficiente, metti nel beauty anche un doposole, per rimediare ad eventuali scottature.
pack comfortable and light but opaque stuff to use during the day. As far as women are concerned, it is good to remember some precautions in clothing, such as wearing clothes that keep the knees and preferably the shoulders covered, especially when going around the city.
the temperature range between day and night is considerable, so don’t forget to bring some heavier sweatshirt / sweater to use when the evening arrives.
As with any trip, it is good to have comfortable shoes. In this case in particular, we recommend trekking shoes or sneakers that are a little higher at the ankle.
In November? well yes! you will need it when we arrive in the oasis of Ksar Ghilane. There is nothing better than a swim after a long day in the sand dunes! In this regard, we suggest you also bring a pair of swimming pool slippers.
you will never see a sky as starry as that of the desert! This spectacle is given by the absence of light pollution within a radius of kilometers. Although the stars light up the sky almost day, we still recommend that you bring a torch.
our lunches will all be outdoors and a Swiss army knife will be very useful, even better if it is one of those with all the cutlery inside!

We also recommend that you protect all technological tools, such as cell phones and cameras, as the very thin sand of the desert tends to slip everywhere and could damage them.

Finally, pack whatever else you can think of that might be useful for you or your travel companions, but don’t overdo it: it is very important to travel light!

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